Anatomy3, Retrieval2, Detection2 Benchmarks Open

We are pleased to announce that the Anatomy3, Retrieval2 and Detection2 Benchmarks are now open for participation. These Benchmarks run continuously, so participation at any time is possible.

The Anatomy3 Benchmark is about organ segmentation in 3D medical images. It runs on a cloud-based continuous evaluation infrastructure. Participants get access to training data and Virtual Machines in the cloud on which to install their segmentation software. VMs can be submitted at any time to obtain results on test data. The best segmentation results are always visible on the leaderboard.

The Detection2 Benchmark deals with lesion detection in 3D medical images. Data consists of 1609 manually annotated lesions on 100 3D images. Training and test data with ground truth, as well as metric calculation software, is provided.

The Retrieval2 Benchmark deals with clinical case retrieval in the radiology domain. Participants have to develop an algorithm that finds clinically-relevant (related or useful for differential diagnosis) cases given a query case (imaging data only or imaging and text data), but not necessarily the final diagnosis. Data consists of 2311 volumes originated from various modalities. Queries and relevance judgements are provided.