Benchmark Anatomy2 (1b) open for registration

The second round of the VISCERAL Benchmark on whole body labelling in 3D medical images is now open for registration.

We will make available the following manually annotated data:

  • 15 volumes in each of the four modalities: whole body CT and MRI T1, abdomen/thorax contrast enhanced CT and contrast enhanced MRI T1, making a total of 60 annotated volumes as training data
  • 20 volumes for ISBI test data and afterwards to add to the training data for the final submission

With 20 structures annotated per volume, this makes ~1000 annotated structures for the 60 training cases.

This benchmark is open for participation from 15 January 2014 to 16 June 2014, with the possibility to show intermediate results at a workshop at the ISBI in April 2014.

The final submission will be evaluated on 40 unseen manually annotated volumes. A workshop is also planned for after the final submission deadline (location to be announced), and a joint journal publication on the benchmark results is planned.

The submissions will also be used to create a "silver corpus" of annotated data based on agreements between the submitted automated segmentations. This should result in a large collection of "reasonably annotated" data.

The volumes, along with the small manually annotated "gold corpus" and the large "silver corpus" will continue to be available as a resource to the community.

More information is available here: http://visceral.eu/benchmark-1b-isbi/

The registration system is here: http://visceral.eu:8080/register/Registration.xhtml