Registration Open for VISCERAL Benchmark 1

Registration to participate in VISCERAL Benchmark 1 has opened. On the registration form, specify the Operating System required for your Virtual Machine (VM). After registration, it is necessary to upload a signed agreement. We expect to begin assigning VMs to participants around the 7th of August.

The first version of the specification document has also been released. A more detailed version will also be released around the 7th of August.

Links to both of these are available at the top of the Benchmark 1 page.

35 volumes from 5 modalities are in the VISCERAL training set. In these volumes, 478 manual segmentations of individual organs are available. All 35 volumes also have a number of landmarks manually placed. The following organs are annotated: Kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, urinary bladder, rectus abdominis muscle, lumbar vertebra #1, thyroid gland, pancreas, psoas major muscles, gall bladder, sternum, aorta, trachea, and adrenal glands.

(The OpenLog CentOS 6.3 Operating System is now listed in the resistration system.)