VISCERAL Anatomy Silver Corpus now available
The silver corpus created by fusing the participant submissions to the VISCERAL Anatomy Benchmarks is now available as part of the Anatomy3 Continuous Benchmark/benchmarks/anatomy3-open/. Read more >>

Segmentation Comparison Software and Publication
We are pleased to announce the release of EvaluateSegmentation, a tool for calculating measures comparing image segmentations, with a focus on medical images. The software currently implements 22 measures. Read more >>

VISCERAL Anatomy3 Proceedings Online
The Proceedings of the VISCERAL Anatomy3 Benchmark Workshop, co-located with the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2015), are available online as part of the CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Read more >>

Anatomy3, Retrieval2, Detection2 Benchmarks Open
We are pleased to announce that the Anatomy3, Retrieval2 and Detection2 Benchmarks are now open for participation. These Benchmarks run continuously, so participation at any time is possible. Read more >>

VISCERAL video available
A video describing the VISCERAL project is now on YouTube. Read more >>

VISCERAL Anatomy3 and Retrieval Workshops held
Fourteen people attended the Multimedia Retrieval in the Medical Domain (MRDM) Workshop/workshops/mrmd-2015/, held on the 29th of March 2015 in conjunction with the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) in Vienna, Austria. The programme consisted of two invited speakers (Camille Kurtz of the University Paris Descartes and Eldad Elnekave of Zebra Medical Vision). Papers on multimodal medical information retrieval that passed a review process were also presented, as were papers presenting the results of participants of the VISCERAL Retrieval Benchmark. The proceedings of the workshop will be published in the next months as Springer LNCS 9059. Read more >>

VISCERAL in research*eu results magazine
An article about the VISCERAL project appeared this month in the research*eu results magazine. Read more >>

Three Benchmarks Running until March/April 2015
The VISCERAL project is organising three 3D medical imaging Benchmarks over the next 6 months: Read more >>

VISCERALdetection training set expanded
The training set for the VISCERAL lesion detection benchmark has been expanded. There are now 25 whole body CT scans and 25 whole body MRT2 scans with their corresponding lesion annotations in the training set. The test set for this benchmark will contain only these two imaging modalities. Participants can choose in which modality to participate or submit in both modalities. Read more >>

Anatomy2 results now available
The results of the VISCERAL Anatomy2 benchmark/closed-benchmarks/anatomy2/anatomy2-results/ are now available. Read more >>

VISCERAL Detection Benchmark open
The VISCERAL Detection Benchmark/closed-benchmarks/detection/ is open for registration and participation. Read more >>

Excellent turnout at MICCAI MCV Workshop
MCV 2014 Over 80 people attended the MICCAI MCV Workshop, where the results of the VISCERAL Anatomy2 Benchmark were presented in a special session. Read more >>

Proceedings of the VISCERAL ISBI Challenge available
The proceedings volume of the VISCERAL challenge at the ISBI conference in Beijing is now published online. Read more >>

Upcoming VISCERAL Benchmarks
Two VISCERAL Benchmarks will take place starting in Autumn 2014. They are: Read more >>

Further Use of VISCERAL Anatomy Data
We now have permission from the data providers to release the VISCERAL Anatomy data under less stringent conditions after the end of the project. This release will include the gold corpus (manual annotations) and silver corpus (fused participant segmentations). Read more >>

VISCERAL Track at the MICCAI Medical Computer Vision Workshop
Participants in the VISCERAL Anatomy2 Benchmark have the opportunity to participate in the VISCERAL Track of the Medical Computer Vision Workshop held as a MICCAI post-conference workshop. Read more >>

ISBI Challenge results available
*The results for the algorithms submitted to the ISBI Anatomy2 Challenge are now available, for the Segmentation and Landmark Detection tasks.* Read more >>

Anatomy1 Benchmark results available
The segmentation and landmark detection results of the VISCERAL Anatomy1 Benchmark/closed-benchmarks/benchmark-1/benchmark-1-results/ (that had a submission deadline in December 2013) are now available. Read more >>

VISCERAL segmentations used in the Shape Challenge 2014
The manual liver segmentations created for the Anatomy1 and Anatomy2 Benchmarks of the VISCERAL project have been used in the Shape Challenge 2014, where the task is to build a model of the liver from these segmentations. Read more >>

Anatomy2 Guidelines for Participation now available
The VISCERAL Anatomy2/closed-benchmarks/anatomy2/ Benchmark Guidelines for Participation are now available. Read more >>

Anatomy2 Benchmark Data Released
The data for the Anatomy2 Benchmark is now available. Register to participate to get access to it! Read more >>

Benchmark Anatomy2 (1b) open for registration
The second round of the VISCERAL Benchmark on whole body labelling in 3D medical images/closed-benchmarks/anatomy2/ is now open for registration. Read more >>

Benchmark 1 Submission Closed
The submissions to Benchmark 1/closed-benchmarks/benchmark-1/ have closed. We received 7 submissions - thank you to those who submitted. Read more >>

Participation Specification Updated to v1.2
The VISCERAL Participation Specification Document has been updated to clear up some uncertainties about the xml output file. Read more >>

Submission deadline extended to 15 December
The submission deadline for the VISCERAL Benchmark has been extended to the 15th of December 2013. Read more >>

Participation Specification updated to v1.1
The VISCERAL Participation Specification Document has been updated to include details on Landmark Detection Evaluation. Read more >>

EvaluateSegmentation software on GitHub
EvaluateSegmentation, the software that will be used to compare the submitted segmentations to the ground truth, is now on GitHub. Read more >>

Benchmark 1 result publication
We have been planning how to publish the results of the VISCERAL Benchmark 1, and have made the following plan: Read more >>

All registered participants of the VISCERAL benchmark are invited to submit short papers for oral presentation during the MICCAI Workshop on Medical Computer Vision (MICCAI-MCV) which is held in conjunction with the MICCAI conference on 26 September 2013 in Nagoya (see[] for details). Read more >>

Benchmark 1 Participation Instructions Updated
The Benchmark 1 participation instructions have been significantly updated. Detailed specifications for the programs are now included. Read more >>

Registration Open for VISCERAL Benchmark 1
Registration to participate in VISCERAL Benchmark 1 has opened. On the registration form, specify the Operating System required for your Virtual Machine (VM). After registration, it is necessary to upload a signed agreement. We expect to begin assigning VMs to participants around the 7th of August. Read more >>

Teaser Dataset Available
visceralgroundtruth1 The VISCERAL Benchmark 1 teaser dataset has been released. It includes 4 volumes, annotations, landmarks, and Matlab tutorial functions that allow participants to easily explore the data, and understand the coordinate and label conventions. Read more >>

Discuss the Benchmark on the VISCERAL LinkedIn Group
A LinkedIn Group called VISCERAL Benchmark Discussion has been set up. Join this group and use it to post questions, answers, experience, problems, challenges, ... related to the VISCERAL Benchmark. Read more >>

VISCERAL Session at MICCAI MCV Workshop
The MICCAI 2013 Medical Computer Vision workshop will host a session dedicated to the VISCERAL project. To foster the exchange of ideas, active participants in the VISCERAL benchmark will be invited to submit short papers and present intermediate results in this session. The deadline for these short papers by invitation will be in early Sepember. Read more >>

Initial information on Benchmark 1 released
VISCERAL Benchmark 1 will be open for participation from 1 August to 30 November 2013. Initial information about this benchmark is now available/closed-benchmarks/benchmark-1/. Read more >>

VISCERAL at the Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval
Henning Müller will give a presentation on VISCERAL at the Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval on 11 May 2013 in Girona, Spain. Read more >>

VISCERAL at the Latin American eScience Workshop 2013
VISCERAL will be presented at the Latin American eScience Workshop 2013, from May 13-15 2013. The presentation is in the Computer Vision and Bioacoustics session in the programme. Read more >>

MICCAI 2013: Workshop on Medical Computer Vision
The focus of the MICCAI Workshop on Medical Computer Vision in 2013 is large data in medical imaging. Participants of the VISCERAL whole-body annotation benchmark are encouraged to attend the workshop and to contribute short papers to the MCV-VISCERAL session. Read more >>

Paper on VISCERAL in Future Internet 2013 book
The paper Cloud–Based Evaluation Framework for Big Data, which describes the VISCERAL cloud-based evaluation infrastructure that will be used in the benchmarks, has appeared in the open access book The Future Internet - Future Internet Assembly 2013: Validated Results and New Horizons (Springer LNCS, Vol. 7858) Read more >>

Call for Participation in VISCERAL Benchmark 1 released
The Call for Participation in the first VISCERAL Benchmark on Identification, Localisation, and Segmentation in 3D medical images is released. Read more >>

Memorandum of Understanding signed with the BioASQ project
The BioASQ Coordination Action will initiate a series of challenges (two in the duration of the project) to assess: large-scale classification of biomedical documents onto ontology concepts (semantic indexing), classification of biomedical questions onto relevant concepts, retrieval of relevant document snippets, concepts and knowledge base triples, and delivery of the retrieved information in a concise and user-understandable form. Read more >>

VISCERAL News mailing list launched
Subscribe to the VISCERAL News mailing list to keep up-to-date with events and competitions organized in VISCERAL. Read more >>

Website online
Launch of the official Visceral website. It is reachable by the following URLs: Read more >>