VISCERAL defined and executed a targeted benchmark framework to speed up progress towards:

  • Automated anatomy identification and pathology identification in 3D (MRI, CT) and 4D (MRI with a time component) radiology images.
  • Similar case retrieval for these images and the reports associated with them.

The following objectives were met in carrying out the VISCERAL project:

  • Create an evaluation infrastructure and software to allow the benchmarks to be carried out efficiently and effectively, but that also allows continuous evaluation to take place beyond the benchmarks;
  • Innovate through the use of a cloud infrastructure for the evaluation of algorithms on huge amounts of data;
  • Run two benchmarks and two workshops at which benchmark results will be discussed;
  • Fuse a large number of automated benchmark entries to create a very large silver corpus;
  • Create a small but sufficiently large gold corpus by manual annotation of the radiology images (used to evaluate the quality of the evaluation by the silver corpus);
  • Release the radiology data and the silver and gold corpora as research collections at the end of the project.